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Travel Trailer Transport Services

Travel trailers are a type of recreational vehicle that must be towed, as opposed to a motorhome which has the cab and chassis built into the frame. Travel trailers are smaller and generally considered easier to haul, at least the smaller ones - most travel trailers must be hauled by something like a pickup truck, which has the necessary towing capabilities - and are great for camping with a friend or significant other, whereas motorhomes are better suited for people with families. Travel trailers come in all shapes and sizes and some are easier to transport than others.

If you’re looking to transport a travel trailer you should always have the official year, make and model of it ready for any company that you talk to about obtaining a price quote. This is important because it will give the representative giving you a quote the necessary information to find all the dimensions. Having the accurate dimensions of the travel trailer will allow them to price the transport of it more accurately, which will improve your pickup window and allow them to search carriers without fear of being underquoted or misrepresenting the travel trailer.

Finding a carrier that offers travel trailer transport services can be difficult, but it is far from impossible for most major transport companies - it simply depends on the carriers that they work with. There are literally thousands of carriers on the road today, and most companies have good standing relations with specific ones that use often along popular routes. However, travel trailer transport is much more specific than transport for a regular car or truck, and requires a bit more time and effort. Travel trailers will almost always need to be moved on the back of a flatbed transport truck, which are harder to find than open transporters, and you may also need to have the towing vehicle with it (i.e. your pickup truck or SUV) so it can be loaded onto the carrier - but your representative will know the full details regarding that.