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SUV Transport Services

Sport utility vehicles are great vehicles for anyone who has ever had to haul some stuff, tow some stuff and play chauffeur all at the same time, as SUV’s sort of roll up the duties of a minivan (passengers), pickup truck (towing and hauling) and a car (fuel economy and general feel). The sport utility vehicle has been around in one form or another for close to 60 years, and as times continue to change companies continue to bring out new innovations and new designs that offer upgrades in every conceivable aspect. In this article we’ll discuss how sport utility vehicles vary and how these variations can affect your auto transport experience.

Sport utility vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes, and some are most definitely larger than others. Most SUV’s can fit on the back of a standard auto transport carrier, though among those that can most will come with some sort of an oversize vehicle shipping fee. These are fees assessed by the carriers, not the brokers - they have to assess these fees because heavier vehicles will burn more fuel per-mile than standard cars and they have to compensate for that.

If your SUV is just too large - and there are some out there that are - to fit on the back of a standard auto transport truck, it will have to be shipped via a flatbed vehicle shipping carrier, and these are a bit harder to find and they are definitely more expensive than a standard carrier. The reason why they are more expensive is because they are harder to find; there are fewer people in need of their services and as such they must charge more per vehicle. They are used to transport large vehicles that cannot fit on a standard auto carrier for whatever reason.

If your SUV is larger than a typical SUV or if it has been modified in any way (such as lifted or extended), you should let your auto transport representative know when you first speak to them. Knowing exactly what you are shipping includes the size of the vehicle, and misrepresenting your vehicle or withholding information regarding any modifications can lead to inaccurate quotes, delayed pickup, cancelled carriers and even a cancelled order, so make sure you let them know ahead of time.