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Recreational Vehicle Shipping Services

When we speak of recreational vehicles throughout this article, we are specifically referencing motorhomes, as that is what most people would consider a recreational vehicle if they are looking for recreational vehicle shipping services. Transporting a recreational vehicle is a lot different than transporting a standard car or truck; they are quite large, some over 50 feet long, and with how much they weigh they will almost always require flatbed vehicle shipping services to haul them from point to point.

Recreational vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes; some are designed for one or two people, while others are designed with entire families in mind. There are some that are more like small campers attached to a small truck; sometimes these can fit on a standard car transport carrier, but chances of that are slim unless it’s really small. Most motorhomes will require flatbed shipping, which means higher prices and longer pickup windows. Flatbed carriers are not nearly as common on the road as open or even enclosed transport trucks, which means that it will be harder for most companies to find a carrier in your area - which equates to longer pickup windows.

Prices will also be much higher because much of the price for flatbed shipping involves how much the vehicle weighs. Large pickup trucks and SUV’s, huge cargo vans, motorhomes and travel trailers almost always need a flatbed transport truck, and they all are priced differently based on the size and weight of the vehicle. When it comes to prices for a recreational vehicle, the larger and longer it is the more expensive transporting it will be. This is because more weight that is on the truck means more fuel consumption on the same route if compared to a lighter vehicle, so to compensate they must charge more for heavier vehicles.