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Pickup Truck Transport Services

Pickup trucks are much different than a standard automobile - they are typically larger, heavier, and more difficult to drive or load/unload from a carrier, and this difference plays a key role in your auto transport experience. Moving a pickup truck is a far cry from moving an automobile, and we’ll explain the differences in this article and how those differences can affect everything regarding your shipment, from the prices that you receive to how long it takes to find a carrier to pick your vehicle up.

As pickup trucks are larger than standard automobiles, they’re going to be subjected to oversize or overweight vehicle shipping fees. These fees are assessed by the carriers, not the brokers, because they expend more fuel per-mile to ship heavier vehicles than lighter ones, so to make up the difference they have to charge more for heavier vehicles. Depending on the size of your pickup truck you could see oversize vehicle fees ranging from $50 - $350, with smaller, lighter pickups being at the lower end of that range.

Some pickups are so large that they cannot fit on the back of a standard car transport carrier, which means that for these behemoths your auto transport representative will find you a flatbed carrier in order to move it - these are naturally more expensive, as they are not nearly as numerous as standard open carriers, and they are not as easy to find, which will unfortunately increase your pickup window. You should always let your auto transport representative know if your vehicle has been modified to be longer, higher, wider or heavier than a standard pickup of its make and model, as modifications can affect pricing and carrier availability.