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Enclosed Auto Transport

Do you own or plan to buy a rare, expensive or exotic car? If so, chances are you’re probably going to want to ship with an enclosed auto transport truck and protect your vehicle’s pristine exterior from any damages that could occur during time on the open road. You don’t want to take it on the open road (at least not 500 miles or more!), right? This is why enclosed auto transportation is such a great part of the car shipping industry, and it’s also why we can help you with all your enclosed auto transport needs.

Let’s just put this out there - enclosed auto transport is not for everyone. It is generally anywhere from 25-35% more expensive than standard open auto transport services and as such many customers would rather avoid paying so much extra altogether. One of the main reasons enclosed transport is more expensive is because it’s considered more of a luxury form of transport - it’s designed, by its very nature, to appeal to customers looking to ship top-end cars. Some of the cars that you may want to consider shipping enclosed include:

You can, of course, ship any vehicle with an enclosed carrier, but many vehicles just don’t need the added protection. The additional protection that enclosed carriers provide are meant to protect against errant road debris that could, theoretically, seriously damage the high value of really expensive cars. Most vehicles are meant to be driven and depreciate in value quickly; these “daily drivers” are just fine going on an open carrier, where the risk of damage is low and the risk of seriously damaging the value of your vehicle almost non-existent.

Enclosed transporters are not nearly as common on the road today as open shippers. There are plenty of them out there, but they do not cover nearly as many routes as open auto transporters. Because of this, many enclosed carriers travel where the work takes them, and since their clientele is much more select they need to charge more in order to keep their trucks running. You should call us for more information about enclosed auto transport or if you have questions regarding whether or not enclosed services may benefit you.