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Driveaway Auto Transport Services

Driveaway auto transport service is actually somewhat of a dying part of the industry. To clarify, the term “driveaway” means that someone will literally drive your vehicle from wherever you want them to pick your vehicle up to wherever it is you’d like it to go and get it from. Typically driveaway services are used more for regional moves - one or two states over - but of course some people were willing to drive clear across the country, if you pay the right price. This type of auto transport service is in stark contrast to open or enclosed door-to-door transportation, which utilizes large auto transport trucks that can carry multiple vehicles at a time from location to location.

One of the biggest drawbacks to driveaway auto transport service is the cost. Auto transport carriers number in the thousands, sure, but there aren’t many companies willing to pay someone not just for fuel and mileage, but food and lodging expenses as well, as it takes more than a day to drive from one coast to another in the United States. Auto transport trucks build all that into their cost, and since there are so many more people looking for auto transport as opposed to driveaway, they are able to keep their overall prices that much lower than companies that specialize in driveaway service.

Another major drawback to driveaway auto transport services is the fact that puts a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle. Part of the allure of shipping on a truck as opposed to driving is the fact that you won’t have to worry about your car having an additional 3,000 miles added to the odometer and needing an oil change when you get it back. A car is, after all, a machine, and machines eventually break down from repeated usage. Auto transport services provided by an open or enclosed transport truck help keep your vehicle lasting longer and looking better if you need to move it across the country.

Driveaway services are slowly going the way of the dodo. Do they still exist? Sure. We may be able to help you find a driveaway auto transport company that could have someone drive your car for you, but chances are it won’t be available in your area and/or would be a lot more expensive and less cost-effective if you were to use that service as opposed to a regular open auto transport service.