All-Pro Auto Transport

Door to Door Auto Shipping

Door-to-door auto shipping is by far the most efficient method of auto transport in the industry today, and the vast majority of carriers out there provide only door-to-door auto shipping services. There are several advantages to door-to-door shipping that make it the de facto method of shipping and any quotes that you receive from any shipping companies will almost always be for door-to-door transport as opposed to something else such as terminal-to-terminal, which may be cheaper but is generally not very supported by most shippers.

Door-to-door auto shipping gives both carriers and customers a lot more leeway in terms of when and where they choose to pickup and delivery vehicles. With terminal-to-terminal transport customers have to drop their vehicle off at a specific location and wait for a carrier who is willing to pick it up; but most carriers don’t pickup or deliver from terminals as it is typically a waste of their time, so customers shipping terminal-to-terminal experience longer pickup wait times and more inconvenience. With door-to-door transport carriers and customers can choose their locations and coordinate more effectively, allowing for better time management - which usually means cheaper prices.

Door-to-door transport also helps carriers keep their pickup and delivery schedules fresh and makes it easier for them to schedule new pickups and deliveries. As most carriers schedule their pickups and deliveries only a few days ahead of time, being able to update or modify their schedules makes their jobs a lot easier. They can’t do that if they pickup from a terminal - it’s set in stone and therefore they have to work around it, which can be tiresome for most carriers.

Terminal-to-terminal services are available, but they are not recommended. Door-to-door transport has quicker pickup times, more carriers available and less inconveniences and hassles. We recommend door-to-door transport for anyone that is transporting a car, especially one that they will be needing as soon as it is delivered. Some people may benefit from terminal shipping, but the vast majority of customers find that door-to-door service is definitely the best way to go.