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Dealer Auto Transport Services

If you own or operate an automobile dealership chances are you’ve had to have a car or two transported. Whether you were bringing in new inventory to your dealership, or you sold a car to someone online and need to ship it to them, you’ve probably dealt with some aspect of the auto transport industry before. What a lot of dealership owners and managers don’t understand is that when it comes to transporting vehicles for dealers, auto transporters want to help you out - dealerships are a great recurring customer base that makes it easier for both customers and brokers to benefit from continued relationships.

Dealers, more often than not, need transportation services for the vehicles that they sell, especially if they have their inventory online and customers can buy vehicles from their site. But instead of looking around for a new shipping company each time you have to move a vehicle, having a company that you routinely ship vehicles through will help you save money in the form of frequent shipper discounts. Repeat business is the best in the auto transport industry and a lot of companies pride themselves on the fact that they transport vehicles for major dealerships.

Many dealerships often transport more than one vehicle at a time, especially when replenishing inventory; you can save even more money by sticking with the same transportation company because they’ll more than likely offer you a multi-car discount in addition to a frequent-shipper discount, which can really add up in savings if you’re transporting a lot of cars all the time. We recommend filling out our free form and getting in contact with some different shipping companies; take a few minutes and get some quotes to get something setup with a company that you feel comfortable working with and that will satisfy you for a long time to come.