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Auto Transport Quotes

Gathering auto transport quotes is one of the most important first steps you can take when you’re transporting a car. You don’t want to ever book with the first company that you speak to, because more often than not that company is not going be able to deliver on what they offered. Finding an auto transport company - the right auto transport company - takes some time and some digging, but that’s why websites like ours exist, to make things a bit easier on you.

The best thing you can do when searching for an auto transport company is to gather up as many auto transport quotes as possible. This use to mean calling up multiple different companies and spending a few hours on the phone gathering up quotes and talking to people. Now, you can fill out our free online quote form and get multiple free quotes from auto transporters who want you to ship your car with them. Gathering up multiple quotes just got a whole lot easier for auto transport customers, and we recommend gathering anywhere from 8-12 quotes so you get a really good range of prices.

You never want to book with the lowest auto transport quotes that you find, because chances are those are lowball prices that won’t get your vehicle moved any time soon. The auto transport industry is very much a balancing act; brokers don’t want to go too low for fear their freight won’t move, but too high might turn people off, so they have to gauge how much the trucks are charging with how much their competitors are charging. This is why quotes in the middle - not too low, not too high - are usually the best to go with, because they’ll more often than not get your vehicle moved within a decent amount of time while still keeping your prices relatively reasonable.