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Limousine Auto Transport Services

Limousines are a type of vehicle that can be difficult to ship because of how long they are. Most limousines are single-stretch, meaning they are only slightly elongated, but they are long enough to cause problems with loading and unloading of a carrier if it is not done properly. When you’re looking to transport a limousine there are things that you should be aware of while you are gathering quotes, as they can affect your prices in addition to carrier availability and pickup window length.

For starters, most limousines are modified from existing vehicle chassis. The Lincoln Continental, Hummer H2, Ford Crown Victoria and Dodge Magnum are all popular models to turn into limousines, though almost any vehicle could theoretically be stretched into a limousine. The interiors are much more plush and luxurious than standard vehicles, but for all that pomp and flair they are difficult to drive, and even more so for longer limousines.

When you are gathering your quotes you should make sure that you have the year, make and model of the limousine you are looking to ship, but in addition to that you should always have the total length of the limousine. Being forced to guess at the length of your limousine will cause headaches for auto transport companies, and more often than not guessing at the length will lead to inaccurate quotes and longer pickup windows. Making sure you have the basic dimensions of the vehicle will go a long way to ensuring a great transport experience.

Limousines can be difficult for carriers to load and unload, especially if they are super-stretch limos or otherwise unusually long, even for a limousine. Some limousines cannot be transported on the back of a standard open car transport carrier or inside an enclosed trailer; those that cannot fit will need to be loaded onto the back of a flatbed vehicle shipping truck, which will cost a lot more than open or enclosed shipping because of how scarce they are. There are not many vehicles that require the use of a flatbed truck, but there are some, and that’s why flatbed carriers still operate today. But they are harder to find and more expensive to ship with, so keep that in mind when you’re talking to your shipping representatives about moving your limousine.