Winter Car Shipping and What to ExpectThe auto transport industry runs on the backs of its auto transport carriers, and they use the same roads that we all use to get from one place to another. As the seasons change and drivers are going from one region of the country to another, a major factor that goes into the routes they run and the prices they charge is, perhaps surprisingly, the weather in the areas they’re going in and out of. As of this writing much of the country is getting pounded by freezing temperatures, snow, freezing rain and ice, and this creates some serious problems for car shippers trying to prepare future routes. Winter car shipping can be a frustrating experience even in areas where harsh winter weather is uncommon, particularly for customers who need their vehicles shipped.

During the summer months most routes are easy to travel and there are a lot of people moving, but in the winter months the demand goes down and there are fewer car shippers actually on the road. This naturally causes pickup windows to be stretched a bit, and prices go up on many routes because of the harder weather conditions. Some areas are almost impossible to get in and out of during the winter, particularly the northern states, and while many southern routes are typically easy to travel in the winter right now there are stretches of all major interstates that are covered in snow and ice. This limits car shippers in regards to where they can go, which means some areas are downright impossible to get in or out of for auto shippers and they won’t go places they can’t get to. Keep this in mind when you areĀ  shipping in the winter months and always make sure to talk to your auto transport representatives regarding winter shipping and conditions along routes between your pickup and delivery locations.