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Auto Transport To Louisiana

The state of Louisiana is located in the Deep South region of the United States. Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is home to several major port cities, particularly New Orleans, the largest city in the state in terms of total population. Louisiana itself is the 31st largest state in total area and also ranks 25th in terms of total population and 24th in population density. These metrics are important in gauging the popularity of a state in terms of auto transportation, primarily population density as it’s a good way to tell which states have large metropolitan areas, or otherwise areas where a lot of people are living in close proximity.

There are two main east-west interstates that run through Louisiana. The Interstate Highway System is the main network of roads in the U.S. that auto transporters like to run their routes on, as they pass through a lot more major metro areas than the old U.S. Route system or the various state-operated highways strewn about the country. I-20 runs through the northern part of the state, servicing Shreveport and other areas, while I-10 runs through the southern areas, notably Lake Charles and New Orleans. These interstates are some of the most heavily traveled east-west interstates, particularly during the winter months when snow and ice causes delays and dangerous driving conditions throughout the northern states. I-10, indeed, is one of the most popular east-west interstates as it connects major cities such as Jacksonville, Tallahassee, New Orleans, Dallas, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and Los Angeles together along one main route.

Louisiana also has two north-south interstates that service various areas of the state. I-49 runs south from Shreveport to Lafayette, while I-55 runs north from New Orleans into southern Mississippi. These interstates are incredibly useful for auto transporters, particularly I-49 as it’s a great way to get from Shreveport to New Orleans. Auto shippers utilize I-55 a lot, as it passes through several major metro areas in Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois, before finally terminating in Chicago. Indeed, I-55 is one of the primary routes to get from Chicago down to New Orleans and other areas of Louisiana and helps auto transporters connect to major east-west interstates further north.

Though the interstates help to lower auto transport costs, the fact of the matter is that auto shipping carriers prefer running routes through heavily-traveled and highly populated areas. Cities such as Shreveport, New Orleans and Lake Charles will likely be cheaper and easier to ship vehicles to or from as they are major dots on the map, not just hole-in-the-wall towns that no one’s ever heard of. Car shippers go where the people are, and if all the people are in large cities, they’re going to run routes to and from large cities. Keep that in mind when it comes to transporting your vehicle to or from Louisiana, though of course you can get door-to-door services from anywhere, to anywhere in the state, as long as you have the time and money for it.

Winter Car Shipping and What to Expect

Winter Car Shipping and What to ExpectThe auto transport industry runs on the backs of its auto transport carriers, and they use the same roads that we all use to get from one place to another. As the seasons change and drivers are going from one region of the country to another, a major factor that goes into the routes they run and the prices they charge is, perhaps surprisingly, the weather in the areas they’re going in and out of. As of this writing much of the country is getting pounded by freezing temperatures, snow, freezing rain and ice, and this creates some serious problems for car shippers trying to prepare future routes. Winter car shipping can be a frustrating experience even in areas where harsh winter weather is uncommon, particularly for customers who need their vehicles shipped.

During the summer months most routes are easy to travel and there are a lot of people moving, but in the winter months the demand goes down and there are fewer car shippers actually on the road. This naturally causes pickup windows to be stretched a bit, and prices go up on many routes because of the harder weather conditions. Some areas are almost impossible to get in and out of during the winter, particularly the northern states, and while many southern routes are typically easy to travel in the winter right now there are stretches of all major interstates that are covered in snow and ice. This limits car shippers in regards to where they can go, which means some areas are downright impossible to get in or out of for auto shippers and they won’t go places they can’t get to. Keep this in mind when you are  shipping in the winter months and always make sure to talk to your auto transport representatives regarding winter shipping and conditions along routes between your pickup and delivery locations.

Having Items In Your Car While Auto Transporting

Junk in the Trunk and Auto TransportWe’re sure you’ve heard the term “junk in the trunk” bandied about once or twice if you have been looking for answers regarding putting stuff in your car while it’s being shipped. Normally if you ask that question the official answer is no; however, on the whole, auto transporters really don’t care if you put a few things in the trunk before they load it. As weight can be a problem the auto transporter will ask you to not put weights or anything heavy like that in there. Since it’s not technically legal to ship household goods on an auto transport carrier you have to make sure to keep it light and out of sight, which means linens and blankets and clothes and items such as are okay.

You should always avoid putting in anything valuable regardless of how small it is. This includes jewelry, electronics, personal effects with sentimental value – if it’s worth anything to anyone and can’t be easily replaced (like a blanket or T-shirt) you probably shouldn’t use the “junk in the trunk” rule to get it moved. Of course you can’t put in anything illegal – firearms, plants, animals, people, those could get you in trouble (not to mention the car shippers). Therefore, you have to make sure that whatever you put in the trunk is not going to add a lot of weight or arouse suspicion in any way. This may sound like common sense, but it’s best to be forthright; you have to realize that car shippers stop at weigh stations on the highway, and if you have a lot of stuff in your trunk that ends up pushing the truck over the weight limit, and more often than not they’ll just take all your stuff and leave it at the weigh station. We’re not kidding on that, it’s happened. So do yourself a favor: if you’re going to put anything in your car, make sure it’s light, legal to transport across state lines, not valuable, and kept in the trunk.

Auto Shipping Tips to Pennsylvania

Automobile Shipping Tips to PennsylvaniaThe state of Pennsylvania is one of the most historically important states in the U.S. today – many of the founding fathers hailed from Philadelphia, which saw two Continental Congresses meet and help decide the fate of this country over 240 years ago. Home to over 12.7 million residents, Pennsylvania has several major metropolitan areas that auto shippers and auto transport customers are continually going in and out of. With so many areas spread out, the state enjoys a rather sprawling transportation network which allows access to many areas, which in turn helps keep auto transport prices to, from and within the state a bit lower, as it’s easier for auto transporters to get around. Learn more about Pennsylvania by visiting the state’s official site.

Typically the two cheapest cities to ship to will be Pittsburgh, in the west, and Philadelphia, in the east, though it does depend on where you’re shipping from. Philadelphia is the largest city in the state and is one of the most popular auto transport locations in the entire northeast. This is likely where many auto transporters are at least going to stop in within the state, as it sits right along I-95, one of the most prevalent and highly-traveled interstates in the entire country. When transporting your vehicle to Pennsylvania you should talk to your representative about your delivery location and whether or not you may be able to save a bit of money by shipping to a larger city, if you’re going to a rural area. You can learn more about shipping to or from Pennsylvania via this helpful link.

Car Shipping Tips to Delaware

Car Shipping Tips to DelawareThe state of Delaware sits along the eastern seaboard, nestled between Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean. It was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787 and was considered an important agricultural and industrial location for many years. Much of the northern parts of the state, particularly Wilmington and that whole area by Philadelphia, were much more industrial than anything in the south, which was primarily agricultural for a number of years. This led to a lot of development in the northern areas of the state, particularly around Wilmington, while the rest of the state grew at a much slower rate because of the reliance on agriculture and tourism as opposed to manufacturing. Read more about Delaware by visiting the state’s official website.

Delaware is not the easiest state to transport a vehicle to, but it’s also a lot easier to get to or from Delaware than, say, North Dakota. Typically auto transporters will somehow get on I-95, which is the main north-south interstate servicing the eastern seaboard and the only interstate that runs through Delaware. It is literally the only one, and it only services the northernmost parts of the state including Newark and Wilmington. The fact that Wilmington sits just a few miles south of Philadelphia means it’s a popular location for auto transporters to run through even if there aren’t a lot of customers moving to or from Wilmington. Much of southern Delaware will cost more to ship to, as there is nothing but state routes to connect the rest of the cities in the southern parts of the state. You can learn more about car shipping to Delaware via this link.

Auto Transport Tips for a Ford Ranger

Auto Transport Tips for a Ford RangerThe Ford Ranger was a compact pickup truck first introduced by the Ford Motor Company in 1982 for the 1983 model year. The Ranger actually was first conceived in 1976 when Ford was looking at bringing a smaller, more economical pickup truck to the market that was capable of doing much of what the larger F-Series trucks could do. The Ranger was a solid seller for Ford for a number of years, and went through four different facelifts before finally being retired in 2011. The Ranger remained a relatively strong seller for the company until its retirement, and for as long as it was around the Ranger continued to be a compact pickup truck that could handle just about anything you threw at it.

Typically pickup trucks are going to be more expensive than standard cars to ship because they’re larger, typically longer, and weigh a lot more. These are major factors when it comes to auto transport, especially a pickup truck, and some of the larger pickups out there can cost an arm and a leg to ship because of how large they are. This is where shipping a Ford Ranger is actually an advantage over other trucks – because of its smaller size, auto shippers don’t have as hard a time transporting them, which means you end up saving money in the long run. You will likely see a bit higher auto transport prices because of the fact that it is a pickup truck, but it should not be incredibly more than a standard vehicle. You can learn more about the Ford Ranger here as well.

Tips for Sport Utility Vehicle Transporting

Tips for Transporting a Sport Utility VehicleIf you’re looking to ship your sport utility vehicle (SUV) there are a few things that you’ll want to be aware of in regards to shipping it, as they can affect your price as well as the availability of an auto transporter willing or able to pick it up. Sport utility vehicles come in a lot of different shapes and sizes which can make it hard to just get a quote to ship a generic sport utility vehicle. Is it a compact SUV? Those are the smallest and easiest of the various sized SUV’s to ship. What about a midsize, or a full-size? Is it a crossover? These are major factors when it comes to shipping an SUV because they affect the size and weight of the vehicle in question, and those can affect the prices that you pay come auto transport time.

You should always be up front and honest regarding your sport utility vehicle when you’re talking to an auto transport company. You should not try to hide its size or its weight, and you should have the full year, make and model of your sport utility vehicle on hand and ready to give to your auto transport representative when they ask. Hiding the size of your SUV or any modifications (lift kits, extenders, etc) can lead to serious problems down the line, particularly in regards to the auto shipping carrier that is hired to pick your vehicle up. If your vehicle is too large to fit on a standard carrier but you fail to mention the fact it’s larger than usual, your SUV may not fit on the transporter assigned to pick your vehicle up. This causes problems for the auto transporter, for your shipping company and for you. Make sure you’re always up front about what you’re shipping and what you need and your auto transportation representative will do their best to help you as best as they can.

Auto Transport to San Antonio

Auto Transport to San AntonioThe city of San Antonio is the second-largest city in the state of Texas, after Houston. Home to over 1.38 million residents, San Antonio sits as the cultural and economic center of south-central Texas and is a major auto transportation location today as a result. Founded in 1691 by Spanish explorers, it is home to many historically significant buildings, including many still-standing Spanish missions including the most famous one, the Alamo. San Antonio’s economy is built on a mix of military and government expenditures,manufacturing, information technology and biotechnology, and tourism. San Antonio sees over 26 million people visiting it every single year, thanks to its many landmarks, and you can learn more about the city here.

San Antonio is one of the most popular auto transport locations in the state of Texas, but when it comes to auto shipping into Texas your price and car shippers availability depends on where you’re shipping from. San Antonio sits along both I-10 and I-35, two major interstates that intersect right in the heart of the city. I-10 is a major east-west interstate that runs through the southern United States and services many major metro areas in Texas, but if you’re shipping from the west car shippers may not be as privy to go there, particularly during this time of year as ice can cause some serious problems. I-35 is a north-south interstate that runs through San Antonio, ultimately running up through many of the Midwest metro areas. This too is a popular interstate, but less so during the winter and particularly in Texas near San Antonio. That’s why it’s usually cheaper, on the whole, to ship into or out of San Antonio during the summer.

Auto Shipping to Fort Smith

Auto Shipping to Fort SmithFort Smith is the second-largest city in the state of Arkansas, home to 86,000 residents. As a major city it’s not much, especially when compared to a city of millions like Los Angeles or Chicago, but in the state of Arkansas it is an important town not just historically but logistically as well. Originally a western frontier military post in the early 19th century, Fort Smith was all but abandoned by the military by 1871, prompting a change from a dusty outpost in Arkansas to a full-fledged town. Today Fort Smith is just like any other town, though it has a much larger emphasis on manufacturing, with several major brands maintaining production facilities in the city – these include companies such as Trane, Planters Peanuts, Gerber, Georgia Pacific and more.

It helps tremendously that Fort Smith sits right along I-40 when it comes to the auto transportation industry and auto shipping in and out of Fort Smith, and it also helps that I-540 – an auxiliary interstate that runs from Fort Smith north to Joplin, Missouri – also runs through cities such as Fayetteville and Springdale, which are not large cities in and of themselves but popular auto transport locations due to the presence of the University of Arkansas. I-540 also helps with auto shipping in and out of Fort Smith due to the fact that it connects with I-44 in Joplin, which is another popular interstate for auto transportation purposes. If you’re interested in reading more about Fort Smith you can visit the city’s official website, and you can call us or fill out our free form for free Fort Smith auto shipping quotes today.

Auto Transport To Rural Areas

Why Rural Areas Are Harder to Ship ToWhen it comes to auto transport you’ve likely seen some articles or blog posts about how it is cheaper and easier to ship to or from major metro areas. On the whole this is true because auto shippers don’t see a lot of traffic in or out of rural areas; instead, they tend to stick to major cities because more people move in and out of them. Therefore, it’s not all that surprising to think that auto transport companies are going to want to go where their customers are, as that’s where the money is. This is also why they tend to stick to the major interstates – they can quickly go from one major metro area to the next without having to worry about back roads and state highways and the like.

When transporting to or from a rural area and you’re shipping on a budget, switching your pickup or delivery location to the nearest metropolitan area will likely help the cause. At the very least, having a shipping location along a primary interstate highway will increase the number of auto shippers that are willing to pick it up and actually transport it for you. When you’re searching for quotes you should try to get as accurate as possible with the pickup and delivery locations – this will allow your auto transporters to more easily make adjustments to your shipment and better able to help you save some money if you need to go a bit out of the way so an auto shipper will be more willing to pickup or deliver your vehicle. On the whole, though, you should expect prices in and out of rural areas, particularly the Midwest, much higher than other areas of the country.