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Auto Shipping Tips for a Dodge Durango

Auto Shipping Tips for a Dodge DurangoThe Dodge Durango is an SUV built by the Dodge Division of Chrysler, and has been a part of the company’s SUV lineup since 1998. The Dodge Durango is currently in its third generation, which was introduced in 2011, the Durango was a strong seller for a number of years despite early concerns about stability through tight cornering and its top-heavy construction. Between 2006 and 2010 the Durango saw a steady decline in sales, but the third generation Durango (pictured at the right) brought the Durango back to the forefront and back in the black. Today sales for the third generation Durango are strong, perhaps not as strong as they were in the mid 2000’s but nonetheless steady. You can learn more about the Durango by visiting this site.

When you are trying to ship your Dodge Durango you may find that it will be a bit more expensive than another cars being shipped on the same route. Do not be surprised by slightly higher auto transport prices for a Durango.  Since the Durango is classified as a sport utility vehicle, it is not only heavier than a car, it’s wider and bigger than a regular car so of course it will be more expensive than a regular car. Those are things that can not be helped and so can only be accepted if you decided to utilize a car shipper. The Durango is not nearly the largest SUV on the market, especially the first two generations which were classified as mid-size SUV’s whereas the third generation (2011 models and newer) Durango are categorized as full-size vehicles. The wheelbase may have changed and lengthened slightly, but that’s not a huge difference and as such there is not a huge size difference among the three generations. The long and the short of it is, if you decide on using an auto shipping company to ensure you are priced accurately for the size of the Durango to ensure it gets placed on an auto transporter’s trailer in a timely manner.

Auto Shipping Tips to Portland

Auto Shipping to PortlandThe city of Portland, Oregon is a beautiful city nestled along the banks of the powerful Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest. The largest city in between Seattle and San Francisco, the city of Portland is known for being a major metro area in an otherwise rural region and is a rather popular transport location, particularly along the west coast. Many carriers will run routes to and from Portland from California or Washington or other states nearby, but transporting a vehicle cross country to Portland may be a bit more expensive than other cities along the coast given the difficulty of getting there for some carriers, though this depends on the route.

Typically carriers running cross country trips through Portland will usually do it in a circle – they’ll run along a southern interstate (say, I-10) all the way to California, where they’ll hop on I-5 going north which will then take them through Portland and into Washington State. From there they can usually catch I-80 or I-90 and then head east through the northern parts of the country before hitting I-95 on the east coast and then heading down to Florida, where the route starts over again. This is an example, but it’s a prominent one because carriers running through the Midwest into Portland will usually go by way of Salt Lake City, where they can catch I-84 into Portland. This route goes through more rural areas, however, with fewer major cities along the way and further distances between them, which means fewer pickups and less money being made. Keep that in mind when searching for quotes to transport a vehicle to Portland, and you can also visit the city’s official website for more.