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Auto Shipping to Fort Smith

Auto Shipping to Fort SmithFort Smith is the second-largest city in the state of Arkansas, home to 86,000 residents. As a major city it’s not much, especially when compared to a city of millions like Los Angeles or Chicago, but in the state of Arkansas it is an important town not just historically but logistically as well. Originally a western frontier military post in the early 19th century, Fort Smith was all but abandoned by the military by 1871, prompting a change from a dusty outpost in Arkansas to a full-fledged town. Today Fort Smith is just like any other town, though it has a much larger emphasis on manufacturing, with several major brands maintaining production facilities in the city – these include companies such as Trane, Planters Peanuts, Gerber, Georgia Pacific and more.

It helps tremendously that Fort Smith sits right along I-40 when it comes to the auto transportation industry and auto shipping in and out of Fort Smith, and it also helps that I-540 – an auxiliary interstate that runs from Fort Smith north to Joplin, Missouri – also runs through cities such as Fayetteville and Springdale, which are not large cities in and of themselves but popular auto transport locations due to the presence of the University of Arkansas. I-540 also helps with auto shipping in and out of Fort Smith due to the fact that it connects with I-44 in Joplin, which is another popular interstate for auto transportation purposes. If you’re interested in reading more about Fort Smith you can visit the city’s official website, and you can call us or fill out our free form for free Fort Smith auto shipping quotes today.

Tips for Transporting Your Vehicle to Little Rock, AR

Auto Transport Little RockLittle Rock, Arkansas sits right along Interstate 40, one of the most popular east-west auto transport corridors in the United States. This definitely helps the cause when it comes to transporting your vehicle to or from the city, and if the city you are shipping to Little Rock from isĀ also located along I-40, your auto transport prices will probably be fairly low indeed. Though Little Rock isn’t the most popular auto transport location in the United States, it’s location along I-40 definitely bumps it up a few notches in carriers’ eyes.

It also sits right along I-30, which – while not being the most popular of auto transport routes, as it runs primarily from Dallas to Little Rock – is still a main artery between the two cities that actually sees a lot more auto transport traffic than people might think. However, unless you’re shipping out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I-30 doesn’t help much, though Dallas does lie along both I-20 and I-35, which definitely helps when shipping from western areas of the U.S. to Little Rock. You’ll usually find it cheaper to transport to or from Little Rock during the winter and spring months, as the summer brings more people shipping their cars and as such higher prices, while the fall months can see tornadoes rip through Arkansas that typically will scare carriers away from the area.