Safest Way to Ship a CarUltimately, the safest way to ship a car is via an enclosed auto transport truck. They are designed to protect vehicles from the elements in ways that open auto transporters – the most common shipping trucks in the industry and the type of truck that roughly 90% of all vehicles are shipped on – cannot provide. But while enclosed auto transportation may be the absolute safest way to ship a car, more often than not it is not necessary, and the extra cost is not worth it. Read more to find out why.

Enclosed transportation is designed to haul vehicles that cannot risk getting damaged during transportation. Damage during transport of a vehicle, even on an open transport truck, is rather rare – less than 5% of all vehicles are damaged each year from being on an auto transport truck, and of those that are the vast majority are damaged by some random rock or piece of debris that was kicked up from the highway, the type of damage that could happen to anyone, that no one has any control over. All vehicles shipped by legitimate car shippers are fully insured for their full retail value, of course.

Open transport, despite the risks, is generally safe for most vehicles. Let’s face it – the fact majority of cars and trucks on the road today are depreciating in value each time they are driven, and while transporting them will help save some of their value these types of vehicles are not ones that you need to worry about depreciating by great amounts should they receive some type of damage during transport.

Therefore, the real answer to the question “what is the safest way to ship a car?” is that it depends on what you are shipping. For most people, open auto transport services are the safest method for their vehicle, as their vehicle is not one that needs to be enclosed or protected. For others, however, enclosed and protected is the best way to ship their car, and as such it is the safest way to transport their vehicle. What you decide ultimately depends on you, but we recommend open transport for any vehicle that is not a restored classic, exotic or foreign car, high-end performance or sports cars, and anything else with a high value even after use and resale.

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