Overseas Auto ShippingThere are many companies that will be able to help you transport your vehicle overseas, but overseas auto shipping services are a bit more complicated than transporting your vehicle from one state to another within the contiguous United States. In this helpful article we’re going to discuss some of the most important things regarding overseas auto shipping services that you should know and be prepared for when transporting your vehicle overseas.

Most companies you talk to will be able to transport your vehicle overseas to or from Alaska, Hawaii or one of the outlying U.S. territories (like Guam, or the U.S. Virgin Islands). Transporting a vehicle overseas is usually much more expensive than transporting within the continental U.S. because it involves more than one shipping company. Your auto transport broker will be able to set everything up and ensure that you only have to do the bare minimum, but overseas auto shipping will take longer and will be more expensive.

To start, your auto transporter will arrange pickup for your vehicle from wherever it is in the U.S. with a standard auto transport carrier who will pick it up and deliver it to the most appropriate port, where it will then be taken by the port shipping company and loaded onto a large roll-on/roll-off transport barge that will ship it overseas to wherever it needs to go. Most shipments to Alaska go through Tacoma or Seattle, Washington, while shipments to Hawaii and other outlying territories in the Pacific will usually go through Long Beach, California. Shipments internationally to Europe and that whole region usually go out of Baltimore, while shipments to the Caribbean or South American usually go out of Miami.

As there are several different shipping companies involved with an overseas move regardless of where it’s going, it will be more expensive. Your broker will almost always take full payment for the entire shipment up front when you book – this will give them access to the necessary funds to be able to pay the overland transport carrier as well as the port shipper, and any additional fees. All their fees and what they will charge to transport your car will be included in the price that the broker will give you, so you won’t have to worry about anything extra like that.

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