Open Auto Transportation ServicesThere are a few different types of auto transport carriers that you can choose from when it comes time to transport your car, but typically they’re grouped into two basic categories: open auto transportation services and enclosed auto transportation services. There is a third, known as flatbed transportation, but that’s typically not a type of transporter that you can choose; rather, flatbed shipping is required only if the vehicle you are shipping is too large or heavy for standard open or enclosed transportation services. Typically auto transport companies consider open auto transportation services their standard method of shipping, but there are some companies that only provide enclosed or flatbed vehicle shipping services – they’ll let you know ahead of time, of course, and besides those are mostly carrier companies anyway, not brokers.

Because open auto transport is considered the standard method of transportation by most auto transport brokers today, it’s likely going to be the cheapest method available, and there are a few reasons for this: one, there are far more open auto transporters on the road than any other type of shipper and therefore competition between them is fierce, especially along heavily-traveled routes. Two, open auto transport trucks are generally the cheapest and most efficient to own, operate and maintain, which makes them the go-to choice for many new drivers trying to get into the industry; three, breaking into the industry is easier with an open transporter due to the relatively lax regulations regarding them; and four, because they can typically haul up to ten cars at a time, maximizing how many loads a driver can carry at once and thus better enabling them to make sure their business stays in the black.

We recommend open auto transportation services for anyone who is looking to ship a standard, not-really-that-expensive-all-things-considered type of car. If you’re moving and shipping the car you drive to work every day, or the minivan you haul your kids around in, or the car you bought on eBay as a project car, you’ll be just fine with an open auto transport truck. Open shippers expose the vehicles they transport to the elements while they’re being transported, so except for the engine wear and tear and the mileage you put on the car it’s much like driving your vehicle the same distance. Some protection is offered, particularly for vehicles near the cab of the truck on the lower rack. You can talk to your transporter for more information regarding open auto transportation services as well.

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