Open Auto Transport FAQDo you have questions about the open auto transport process or how your vehicle will fare on an open car transport truck? It’s only natural to want to know as much as possible about the type of vehicle that will be transporting your vehicle, and with how the industry works and how much it costs knowing all there is to know and having a full understanding of what’s going on during transport is not just important but highly recommended. But before you call your representative and ask them questions, you should take some time and read some FAQ pages like this one. Knowing the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in the industry will make your experience a lot easier and will aid in communicating with your representative and your driver when it comes time to ship your car.

What is open auto transport?
Open auto transport is when your vehicle is shipped on an open ten-car carrier, the very same you likely see taking new cars to dealerships. See the photo to the right for an example. They are the easiest trucks to operate and maintain and their construction allows for auto transporters to fit up to ten cars at a time, maximizing their loads and making them more money.

How much is open auto transport?
As the standard method of shipping in the industry today open auto transportation is going to be the cheapest method available. However, the price you pay will be dependent on the pickup and delivery locations, when you are shipping, what type of vehicle you are shipping, ease of access for pickup and delivery and which open transport truck will be transporting your vehicle. This is why it is recommended you get multiple quotes to ship your vehicle, as different companies may have different prices for the same services.

How long will open auto transport take from pickup to delivery?
This too depends on where you are shipping from and to. Usually shorter routes will only take a few days, but cross-country trips can take upwards of two weeks depending on the route that your shipper is taking and how many additional pickups and/or deliveries he has along the way. You should always talk with your representative regarding length of transport and how long you can expect to wait for your specific shipment.

Is open auto transport safe?
Yes. Of course, open auto transportation services leave the vehicles they haul open to the elements, it puts your vehicle in about as much risk as if you were to drive it yourself the same distance it’s being transported, but also less so because you are not putting the strain on the engine or the tires and the truck’s construction and the way the vehicles are loaded onto the truck do make things safer for most vehicles. Of course, things can happen, particularly rocks and other road debris causing minor dents or scratches, but generally all that buffs out.

Will my vehicle be insured while on an open auto transport truck?
Yes. From the moment your vehicle is loaded onto the truck until the moment it is unloaded it will be fully insured by the carrier’s insurance policy. You should be sure to read their insurance information (which they are required to submit if it is requested) and look for any deductibles. Damage during transport is rare but it does happen on occasion, and it’s always best to be prepared ahead of time for anything that may go wrong.

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