Methods of Auto TransportThere are several different ways that you can transport your car that aren’t by open or enclosed transport, but on the whole they are going to be either more expensive, harder to find or just plain not available on your route most of the time. Auto transportation is an industry with a lot of different companies – thousands of them, in fact – and all of them do things slightly differently. While most transport by truck, some don’t, and this article is going to explain a bit about those types of transport methods.

The first – and probably the most popular “alternative” auto transport method – is auto transport by rail. Rail transport used to be widespread and quite popular in the United States, but as the railroads slowly start to give way to overland transport trucks in terms of logistics, more and more car transport companies are starting to see the benefits of transport by truck as opposed to by train. This isn’t something that you have any control over – it’s just the way things go in business. As new technologies come into play, older ones become obsolete, and the railroads are quickly becoming obsolete. Transport by rail is only available on a few routes, and chances are they aren’t your route.

Another oft-requested auto transport method is driveaway service. Driveaway auto transport services are when your vehicle, instead of being loaded onto some type of carrier, is driven from one location to another by someone whom you hire. Driveaway service was big twenty years ago or so, but has gone down in popularity immensely as times have changed. Now, your vehicle is more likely to be stolen than delivered with driveaway service, and the fact that you have to pay for the driver’s food and fuel and lodging only makes it more expensive. Add that onto what you’re already paying to get yourself across the country and you might as well drive your car yourself!

There are other methods, but these are the most popular alternate auto transport methods, and as you can see they really aren’t that popular, on the whole. It’s because times have changed, people have changed, and the world has moved on. Transport by truck is the big thing nowadays, and truthfully it’s been that way for quite some time now. But on the whole auto transport is what it is, and when it comes down to it you want to get your vehicle moved quickly and affordably. Call us up to speak to a live representative who can help you find the best rates with the best carriers in the industry today.

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