Insurance for Auto TransportInsurance for auto transport is a federally-mandated thing – there is no licensed carrier on the road today that operates without insurance. It is illegal and could quite possibly result in a suspended CDL for any driver that operates their truck in a commercial manner without insurance to cover the vehicles that he transports. It’s a really important thing in the auto transport industry, but there are a few things that you should know about insurance for auto transport.

For one, you should always make sure that you see a copy of the carrier’s insurance information – this will tell you exactly how much each vehicle will be insured for and what (if any) deductibles will be included should any damage occur during transport. Your carrier is required to yield this information to anyone who asks for it by law, but is not necessarily obligated to show you the specifics of their insurance policy. Asking for it is usually best.

When your vehicle is picked up both you and the driver are required to do an inspection of the vehicle that is to be transported. This is to note any pre-existing damage to the vehicle. If there is any damage, the driver will mark down where the damage is and what type of damage it is (i.e. scratch, dent, etc). You and the carrier will both need to sign this. Upon delivery, you with both do another inspection of the vehicle, this time to look for any new damage. It is important to be thorough; check all pre-existing damage first and then note if there is anything new. If there is, you will need to file an insurance claim.

To file a claim you will need to have proof of damage during transport – this is where the inspection report comes in, and why it is so important that you and the driver do a thorough inspection and mark down everything you see. If you want to file a claim you should call the broker that you booked your shipment with, as they will be able to help you file your claim and go through all the steps to ensure that the damage is fully repaired and covered by the truck’s insurance. You usually only have a week or two to file, so do so as soon as possible.

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