How Much to Ship a CarWhen it comes to figuring out how much to ship a car you need to know a few things about what exactly goes into your auto transport prices that you get. Regardless of which auto transport company you get a quote from they will almost always arrive at the quotes they give you in much the same way, looking at the same information, but because they are different companies all their prices will be slightly different despite the fact that they are all working off the basic information you gave them.

When compiling quotes to figure out how much to ship a car, your auto transport companies will first look at where you are shipping to or from. This is perhaps the most important part of your auto transport quote, as it will affect how much the carrier will charge to travel on the route, and will generally increase in mileage. The total distance and locations of where you are shipping from and to are highly important; aside from affecting the bulk of your transport price, it may also affect carrier availability, as some areas are harder for carriers to get in and out of than others.

The next most important thing that auto transport companies will look at is what exactly you are shipping. Vehicles come in all different shapes and sizes, and some are heavier or longer or just more difficult to ship than others. Most standard cars, small pickup trucks and SUV’s, minivans and cargo vans should be able to fit on a standard car transport carrier with little problems; larger vehicles, however, especially those that are much heavier than normal vehicles, can run anywhere from $50-$350 more expensive, depending on what it is.

This is why it depends so much on what you are shipping and where you are shipping to and from. Shorter transport trips and lighter vehicles will help you save money, but if you have to ship a heavier vehicle it’s going to end up costing you a bit more, and you won’t be able to avoid that – it is what it is. The same goes when shipping to or from locations that are further away than others; you have to get from one area to the other, and you’re going to have to pay what it costs. All companies will have different prices, but they’ll generally be within a $300-$400 range of each other.

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