Junk in the Trunk and Auto TransportWe’re sure you’ve heard the term “junk in the trunk” bandied about once or twice if you have been looking for answers regarding putting stuff in your car while it’s being shipped. Normally if you ask that question the official answer is no; however, on the whole, auto transporters really don’t care if you put a few things in the trunk before they load it. As weight can be a problem the auto transporter will ask you to not put weights or anything heavy like that in there. Since it’s not technically legal to ship household goods on an auto transport carrier you have to make sure to keep it light and out of sight, which means linens and blankets and clothes and items such as are okay.

You should always avoid putting in anything valuable regardless of how small it is. This includes jewelry, electronics, personal effects with sentimental value – if it’s worth anything to anyone and can’t be easily replaced (like a blanket or T-shirt) you probably shouldn’t use the “junk in the trunk” rule to get it moved. Of course you can’t put in anything illegal – firearms, plants, animals, people, those could get you in trouble (not to mention the car shippers). Therefore, you have to make sure that whatever you put in the trunk is not going to add a lot of weight or arouse suspicion in any way. This may sound like common sense, but it’s best to be forthright; you have to realize that car shippers stop at weigh stations on the highway, and if you have a lot of stuff in your trunk that ends up pushing the truck over the weight limit, and more often than not they’ll just take all your stuff and leave it at the weigh station. We’re not kidding on that, it’s happened. So do yourself a favor: if you’re going to put anything in your car, make sure it’s light, legal to transport across state lines, not valuable, and kept in the trunk.