Guaranteed Car TransportThere are many companies out there that can provide guaranteed car transport services, but chances are their definition of guaranteed and your definition of guaranteed are two completely different things. Most customers that are searching for guaranteed car transport are looking to have their vehicle picked up and delivered on certain days, and while guaranteed pickup or delivery is definitely possible and many companies provide it, very few indeed can offer both.

Not only that, but the term “guarantee” is sort of a misnomer, because so many things can happen between finding a carrier to transport your car and getting it picked up or delivered that auto transport companies only have so much control. Say, for instance, that a company offered you guaranteed pickup on a specific date. They find a carrier, they dispatch the load, they let you know the carrier’s on the way, and the carrier’s working hard to make sure he makes the pickup, and all of a sudden his truck’s transmission goes out.


See, it’s things like that that can really disrupt guaranteed pickup or delivery services. If a truck breaks down (and while it’s uncommon it does happen because ultimately they’re using a larger vehicle to transport smaller vehicles) or a carrier gets sick or something else happens to delay pickup, that’s not really guaranteed service, is it? Beware of companies that swear up and down they can guarantee pickup or delivery, because they can’t. They can offer a soft guarantee – they’ll work harder to transport your vehicle on time and may take less in pay if they don’t – but most legitimate companies will basically tell you the same information you’re reading in this article.

This is an important thing to understand about the auto shipping industry. When you’re looking for guaranteed car transport services, you shouldn’t be thinking about specific days; you should be thinking about specific pickup and delivery windows. Carriers usually give one to two day pickup and delivery windows when transporting vehicles or preparing to pick a vehicle up; this is because traffic and mechanical failure happens and can set their schedules back a day or two. But they’ll let you know, and that’s the most important thing to realize – things happen that you can’t control, and if they do no amount of yelling or screaming is going to change it.

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