Flatbed Auto Transportation ServicesThere are a few different types of auto transport carriers that you can choose from when it comes time to transport your car, but typically they’re grouped into two basic categories: open auto transportation services and enclosed auto transportation services. There is a third, however – flatbed auto transportation services, for when all else fails. Flatbed shipping is generally the most expensive type of transportation service available to you and generally it’s not something that you’re going to be able to request; rather, it’s typically used on an as-needed basis for several reasons, the biggest one being the fact that there aren’t a lot of flatbed shippers on the road today, and that limits a lot of shippers.

Most vehicles that require flatbed auto transport services are vehicles that are too heavy or large to fit on the back of a standard open transporter or inside an enclosed container. This includes transportation services for most construction equipment and other construction vehicles, recreational vehicles and travel trailers, and extremely large sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Open and enclosed carriers typically use a setup that maximizes how many vehicles can fit on the truck at once – that’s why you see a lot of open transporters with eight to ten vehicles on the back of them. But some vehicles are too big to fit on them; whether they’re too tall, too wide, or too heavy, they aren’t able to be transported by a standard carrier, which is when flatbed shipping is going to be needed.

It is the most expensive type of transportation service available and generally pickup windows will be stretched pretty far because of how hard it can be to find a flatbed transport truck to pick your vehicle up. The expense usually comes from the fact that most flatbed shippers can only handle one or two vehicles at most, and the weight of what they’re transporting makes their fuel consumption skyrocket and their fuel efficiency decrease. Therefore, more stops are needed to refuel, and with so few vehicles being able to fit on the truck at a time their routes are going to be a lot more expensive because they only have two paying customers as opposed to ten. To get the most accurate quotes for your vehicle, especially if it’s a larger vehicle that may not fit on a standard carrier, make sure to have the dimensions of the vehicle, including any lift kits or extensions and the like, as well as the official year, make and model (including any sub-models – a GMC Yukon is different from a GMC Yukon Denali XL), and if you can get some pictures of it too that’d probably help the cause.

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