Enclosed Auto Transport FAQDo you have questions about the enclosed auto transport process or how your vehicle will fare on an enclosed car transport truck? It’s only natural to want to know as much as possible about the type of vehicle that will be transporting your vehicle, and with how the industry works and how much it costs knowing all there is to know and having a full understanding of what’s going on during transport is not just important but highly recommended. But before you call your representative and ask them questions, you should take some time and read some FAQ pages like this one. Knowing the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in the industry will make your experience a lot easier and will aid in communicating with your representative and your driver when it comes time to ship your car.

What is enclosed auto transport?
Enclosed auto transport is a type of car shipping service that provides additional protection over an open auto transport truck. Typically enclosed shipping is reserved for vehicles that are more valuable than a standard car, particularly antiques, sports cars, high-end luxury cars, classic cars, etc.

How much does enclosed auto transport cost?
Enclosed auto transport costs about half as much again as an open auto transport carrier along the same route, so generally 50% more or so. this is because there are fewer enclosed shippers on the road due to the decreased demand for enclosed auto transport services. In addition to that your prices will be based on where you are shipping from and to, the time of the year, carrier availability in the area, how difficult the route is, things of that nature. Enclosed transportation will be more expensive than open but the rest of the pricing process is the same for either.

How long will it take for an enclosed auto transport truck to pick my car up?
Because there are fewer enclosed shippers on the road it can take upwards of two weeks to get your vehicle picked up from the date you book if you’re looking for enclosed transportation services. Typically you’ll get longer pickup window estimates as well with enclosed transportation to reflect how few of them there really are. Patience is quite necessary when it comes to waiting for your vehicle to be picked up, particularly with enclosed transportation services.

Should I use enclosed auto transport or open auto transport?
We say that this is up to you. A good rule of thumb is that if your vehicle’s value is no longer depreciating but rather appreciating (going up) or if it currently has a high resale value now (general baseline is about $60,000) enclosed transportation will likely help retain that value more than if you were to use an open transporter. Of course, only you can decide which would be best for you, but it’s always nice to have some guidance. Ask your representative for more about whether you should use open or enclosed if you still have questions.

Will my vehicle be insured on an enclosed auto transport truck?
Yes, as long as your vehicle is on the truck it will be insured. Damage during enclosed transport is very rare; typically it only happens if the entire truck is involved in some type of catastrophic disaster like a fifteen car pileup or something – but how often does that happen? Enclosed transport protects the vehicle from the dings and dents and scratches that can occur during open transport, but it will always be insured as well just in case. It’s also federal law that all motor carriers have to have a minimum $750,000 worth of cargo insurance. You should consult your representative for more regarding your specific carrier’s insurance information.

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