Cheapest Auto Shipping RatesAuto transportation is not a cheap process – it takes time and a lot of work and travel in order to move a vehicle from one city to another on an auto transport carrier, and costs to transport your vehicle from one state to another can get rather expensive the further you need to transport it. In this article we discuss some of the common tactics that shady companies will use to entice you to transport your vehicle with them, and explain what the best auto shippers do to move your vehicle.

The cheapest auto shipping rates are rarely the ones that will get your vehicle moved quickly. Booking with the cheapest quote you find will almost always yield a bad shipping experience, as the lowest quote simply won’t get your vehicle moved within a reasonable amount of time. With auto transport it is not just how much it will be, but how quickly it can be arranged, and the less that you pay, the less likely your company will be in finding a carrier for you. The best companies will usually be fairly close to one another in price, and gathering multiple quotes at once is a great way to see the range of prices that companies are offering and to choose one that is roughly in the middle.

Cheapest auto shipping rates seem great because who wants to spend an arm and a leg to transport their vehicle? But they don’t move cars, and more often than not the companies that offer the lowest prices are the ones that have the worst reviews, the worst reputations. Reputation is everything in the car shipping industry, as customers don’t simply hand the keys of their car over to just anyone. Having a solid reputation for good prices and great service is important, and we work only with the best companies in the industry.

Sometimes good companies can offer prices that are too low, but this is fairly rare. The best companies work hard to make sure they keep up with constantly-changing auto transport prices, as truckers have to watch fuel prices and maintenance costs while still trying to make sure they turn their own profit. Sometimes even good companies can fall behind in keeping up on prices, as prices can change without warning sometimes. But even so you should never book with the lowest price you find, as more often than not it will just leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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