Car Transport RatesWhen it comes to looking for car transport rates, it’s important to know how to tell what makes a good rate and what makes a bad rate. Typically the price alone is more than enough to tell you, especially when comparing to other prices from other shipping companies that offer the same service. Different companies calculate their car transport rates in different ways, and this is why you will always see ten different prices if you speak to ten different companies. And finding the price that will work best for you can often seem like a major challenge.

When searching for quotes, you want to make sure you give yourself some time to get a bunch of quotes and compare prices. This is crucial – getting one or two quotes doesn’t really tell you anything about that price in relation to the rest of the industry’s prices; chances are that one single quote you got isn’t going to get your car moved, or if it does it won’t be with the best carrier. Sometimes you find a great company on the first try – it definitely happens, and we won’t sit here and say it doesn’t. There are thousands of legitimate transport companies out there that want to help you get your car moved, and the vast majority of them can get it done when they say they can.

But just because an NFL team drafts the best overall quarterback prospect coming out of college doesn’t mean that team is now a perennial title contender (Ryan Leaf, anyone?). This is why finding multiple quotes is essential, so you can better understand pricing along your route and also be able to talk to some different companies and get a feel for the kind of service that you will be receiving. As all car transport rates are calculated differently, you’ll most likely get a range of quotes to ship your car. Now, you don’t usually want to book with the lowest price, and you don’t necessarily have to book with the highest; we generally recommend going with a company whose quote is somewhere in between everyone else’s.

Also, the closer that prices are together – say, a clump of three or four within $50 of each other – usually indicate that those are going to be the best prices. If you gather ten different quotes, chances are three or four will be within $25-$50 of one another; the rest will be either a lot lower or a lot higher. Of those three or four that are only separated by $50 or so, you can usually go with any of them and be just fine, though typically the highest of them is your best bet. For those of you that do need your car quickly, don’t go with the lowest quote. You don’t necessarily need to go with the highest one you find, but don’t go with the lowest. You can call our toll-free telephone number at 877-622-6100 for more information and to speak to a live representative who can answer any questions you may have as well as get you on the road to a great auto transport experience.