Car Transport Cross CountryTransporting a car across the country is a time-consuming and expensive process, all things considered, but when it comes to getting your car from one coast to another it sure beats driving it yourself. There are a few things that you need to be aware of when it comes to moving your vehicle across this vast nation of ours, as many people who go into the car transport experience for the first time tend to do. So we’ve compiled this helpful article to explain some of the nuances of car transport cross country and what to expect when your vehicle starts along the journey.

For one, it may take you or I a mere three or four days to drive across the country, but most carriers take at least ten days, and that’s on a shorter cross-country route. Not only do carriers have additional stops to make along the way for other customers, but their drive times are restricted by federal laws that mandate they can only drive for a maximum of eleven hours per day. While eleven hours may seem like quite a while to you and I, remember that carriers have to abide all speed limits quite strictly; trucks caught speeding are subjected to heavy fines, and that’s something no carrier wants to deal with.

But even with these restrictions, many carriers still transport vehicles across the country, from coast to coast, and finding them usually isn’t that complicated. Not all carriers run cross-country routes, however, and there are some areas that may be harder to get in or out of than others. Be sure to pay close attention to the information your auto transport representative gives you, as they will inform you of exactly how things will work when it comes to car transport cross country.

But there is one piece of good news in all this – even though it takes up to two weeks to get your car across the country, cross-country transport routes usually have the lowest price per-mile because of how far they are traveling. Many companies will use pricing sheets to help calculate your quotes, and usually these are based on per-mile averages. Longer trips result in lower per-mile costs, as it helps keep the overall price of transport down while still scaling according to how far the carrier is going. It’s a nifty way of pricing that is usually one of the most accurate and reliable.

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