Car Shipping Tips to DelawareThe state of Delaware sits along the eastern seaboard, nestled between Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean. It was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1787 and was considered an important agricultural and industrial location for many years. Much of the northern parts of the state, particularly Wilmington and that whole area by Philadelphia, were much more industrial than anything in the south, which was primarily agricultural for a number of years. This led to a lot of development in the northern areas of the state, particularly around Wilmington, while the rest of the state grew at a much slower rate because of the reliance on agriculture and tourism as opposed to manufacturing. Read more about Delaware by visiting the state’s official website.

Delaware is not the easiest state to transport a vehicle to, but it’s also a lot easier to get to or from Delaware than, say, North Dakota. Typically auto transporters will somehow get on I-95, which is the main north-south interstate servicing the eastern seaboard and the only interstate that runs through Delaware. It is literally the only one, and it only services the northernmost parts of the state including Newark and Wilmington. The fact that Wilmington sits just a few miles south of Philadelphia means it’s a popular location for auto transporters to run through even if there aren’t a lot of customers moving to or from Wilmington. Much of southern Delaware will cost more to ship to, as there is nothing but state routes to connect the rest of the cities in the southern parts of the state. You can learn more about car shipping to Delaware via this link.