Best Auto Transport CompaniesThere are a lot of different auto transport companies out there that you can work with to transport your vehicle, but it can be hard to tell the good ones from the bad if you’re unskilled in spotting the signs of a bad company. In this helpful auto transport article we’re going to break down how the best auto transport companies in the industry work and how you can protect yourself from a bad experience by finding companies that operate like how they should.

The first thing you need to look at is their price. The best auto transport companies keep up on the rapidly-changing prices in the car shipping industry, and their quotes will reflect that. Typically the best auto transport companies will provide you a quote that – if you shop around and get a lot of different quotes – will more often than not be right in the middle of the pack in terms of price. Sometimes they may be a bit higher than the rest, but only because they know a major price change is coming.

Another way that the best companies work is that they will only charge you the deposit once your vehicle is either dispatched to a truck or physically picked up. Every auto transport company that you book a shipment with will charge a deposit – that’s their fee for doing the work they do (and they do a lot of work). However, different companies collect their deposit at different times, and the one thing you should try and avoid is deposit upon booking.

Deposit upon booking isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it’s a big red flag for most customers because most scam companies in the auto transport industry will take their deposit upon booking (usually a lower-than-everyone-else deposit too, so they can get a ton of money in a short amount of time and then up and leave everyone hanging) and then not do the work. Companies that take deposit upon dispatch, or upon pickup, have done the work, and now they’re obligated to continue to see the transport through because they’ve found a carrier. In short, you only pay for services that have already been provided, like in a restaurant (as opposed to a fast-food joint).

There are other ways to tell good companies from bad companies, but these are the most important. Oh, and one more – avoid companies that charge in full upon booking (or at any time), unless it’s for an overseas shipment. Overseas shipments involve more than one transport company, and having your auto transporter make all the necessary payments with funds you have provided in full up front is the best way for them to move cars overseas. But if you’re shipping within the contiguous U.S., there’s no reason to collect the entire payment up front, and even if a legitimate company does have this policy their carrier lists are going to be a lot shorter because their loads aren’t COD, which means carriers have to take a chance and hope the broker pays them after they deliver the car (which most carriers don’t do).

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