Auto Transport to WyomingThe state of Wyoming currently sits as the 10th largest state in terms of total area but 50th among the 50 states in total population, which sits at just 576,000 residents. With high plains to the east and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to the west, Wyoming is naturally a sparse place to live, which makes its low population density (49th among the 50 states) a bit more understandable. First explored by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the early 19th century, the area became a territory by the mid 1800’s and after the railroad came to the state in the 1880’s the population began to grow slowly but surely. The economy of the state has long been reliant on ranching and agriculture, as well as mining and tourism, though areas such as Cheyenne (the largest city in the state) have more diversified retail-based economies now.

Wyoming is a sparsely populated area because of how extreme the weather can get and how hard it is to actually live there. There are few major metro areas in the state – Cheyenne, the largest city, only has a total population of 59,500 with a surrounding metropolitan area of 91,000 residents – that’s a small town for most auto transporters, and they tend to avoid smaller towns if possible. Shippers running routes through Wyoming going east-west will likely be traveling either along I-80 or I-90, depending on where they’re coming from. I-80 is generally the easier of the two, as it sits further south and does not see as much snow along the route as I-90. It also passes through some of the larger cities in the state including Cheyenne.

The two are connected by I-25, a north-south interstate who’s popularity seriously wanes during the winter as it runs along basically the entire foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Summer shipping prices to or from Wyoming will likely be a bit cheaper than winter prices, though it depends on where exactly you’re shipping to and the availability of a carrier on the route you need your vehicle shipped along. On the while Wyoming is one of the least popular auto transport locations because so few people are going there; carriers don’t run routes where people don’t live, and no one lives in Wyoming pretty much. Keep this in mind when it comes to auto transport to Wyoming – you’ll save yourself a lot of time and hassle if you make sure to know it’s going to take longer to find a shipper and it’ll likely cost more than other routes.

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