Auto Transport to WisconsinThe state of Wisconsin is the 23rd largest state in the U.S. in terms of total area and ranks 20th for total population and 23rd in population density. Home to over 5.7 million residents, Wisconsin sits in the northern Great Lakes region and was first explored by Europeans during the 17th century. It began to see American settlement following the end of the War of 1812, and was admitted as a state in 1848. Wisconsin has always had a relatively diversified economy, though agriculture has for quite some time been one of the biggest parts of it, particularly wheat production in the southern parts of the state and timber in the north. Dairy became a major player after wheat and lumber production declined rapidly during the late 19th century, and today Wisconsin is known as one of the largest cheese exporters in the country.

Wisconsin even today has need for a sophisticated transportation network due to the large amounts of dairy products and manufactured goods it exports. With almost all the major population centers located along the western shores of Lake Michigan, it can be more difficult to get to or from the central or western parts of the state when it comes to auto transportation services, which is why you’ll likely find shipping to areas such as will be cheaper than areas like Green Bay. There are several major interstates that run through Wisconsin, particularly I-94 which runs north from Chicago (despite being an east-west interstate) into Milwaukee before turning east toward Madison, where it then turns northwest to service Eau Claire and then into Minnesota. Another major interstate is I-43, which originates near Beloit and runs northeast to Milwaukee, where it turns up the coast and heads all the way to Green Bay.

Wisconsin is known for its brutal winter weather, so transporting a vehicle to Wisconsin in the winter months will likely be a lot more expensive and take a bit longer to find a carrier willing to go up there than it would be in the summer months. Of course, Wisconsin isn’t all that popular of an auto transport location anyway, so prices to and from the state are generally going to be a bit higher per-mile than most other routes in the country. It will likely take less time for your transport company to find a company to ship your vehicle if you ship to or from an area like Milwaukee or Madison, as they are larger cities and typically are where customers are wanting to transport vehicles to or from.

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