Auto Transport to WashingtonThe state of Washington is the 18th largest state in terms of total area and the 13th most populated state in terms of total population. Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Washington composes the northwestern-most corner of the contiguous United States. Home to 6.8 million residents, the state is known for its apples, though it is a leading producer of much more than just apples. Lumber is one of the state’s leading exports, as are lentils, dry hops and sweet cherries – as far as agriculture goes, much of eastern Washington consists of farmland with few major metropolitan areas other than perhaps Spokane, on the border with Idaho, and Walla Walla, in the southeastern region of the state.

The city of Seattle is the largest city in the state and while it is home to over 634,000 residents it’s actually a hard city to ship a vehicle to or from. The state has just one major east-west interstate that runs through it, I-90, which runs from Seattle east across the Cascade Mountains and through Spokane before heading into Idaho. This route is not very popular because it doesn’t pass through many major metropolitan areas in the state of Washington and runs through some of the most sparsely populated areas in the entire country. This bodes bad for shipments coming from the northern states into Washington. The route is not an easy one and there are not many major areas that people are moving in and out of, so keep that in mind.

The main north-south interstate through Washington is I-5, which runs from the Canadian border south through some of the largest cities in the state including Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and Vancouver before heading into Portland, Oregon and down into California. I-5 is a popular auto transport route for many shippers because it passes through some of the most popular car shipping areas on the east coast. Shipping from the southwest to the northwest is one of the easier routes, and many shippers will run into California first and catch Interstate 5 in San Diego or Los Angeles then head north into Washington. Some circuit around the region, though few will run cross country routes into Washington without raising their prices – it’s expensive to run along routes that don’t have a lot of people along them, but to stick to major metro areas means more transit time before they get to Washington.

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