Auto Transport to VirginiaThe state of Virginia is the 35th largest state in the Union in terms of total area and also ranks 12th in the U.S. in total population. One of the first of the thirteen original colonies, Virginia is home to some of the oldest European settlements on the eastern seaboard and the state today is home to over 8.1 million residents. Virginia is steeped in history, and the Virginia General Assembly is the oldest continuous law-making body in the world, having been founded in 1619. The government of Virginia has continuously ranked most-effective among the fifty states as well, and is unique in how it treats its cities and its counties equally as well as maintaining a high standard for local roads and other methods of transportation around the state.

Most of the population centers in Virginia are located along the eastern seaboard, which makes it a lot easier if you’re shipping to Virginia from the northeast or southeast. I-95 is the main north-south interstate that services Virginia and runs right through the heart of Richmond, the state capital and one of its largest cities. It also connects with I-64 in Richmond, which while not being one of the most popular east-west interstates in the country does provide easy access to many of the cities along the coast, including Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach is the largest city in the state of Virginia in terms of total population and is quite the popular auto transport location as well.

Western Virginia is serviced by I-81, a north-south interstate originating in northeastern Tennessee. Western Virginia is much less populated than eastern Virginia, which generally makes transporting a vehicle to or from the area more expensive. As auto transporters like to stick to highly-traveled routes, it may take a bit longer to get a vehicle into western Virginia because there are usually few trucks that run along that route. It helps a bit that I-81 runs all the way north through Virginia and into southern Pennsylvania, as it passes through a few smaller towns before heading into Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania. Roanoke is perhaps the largest city along that route within the state.

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