Auto Transport to VermontThe state of Vermont is just the 45th largest state in the U.S. and ranks 49th among the 50 states in terms of total population, as the entire state only has roughly 626,000 residents – that’s not good enough to crack the top ten largest cities, let alone states. Vermont has grown slowly due to its geographic isolation – it’s the only New England state that does not border the Atlantic Ocean somewhere and half of the state is dominated by the Green Mountains, which have only small isolated towns within them. Its largest city is Burlington at 42,000 residents and roughly a third of the entire state’s population lives within the larger Burlington metropolitan area, which at 223,000 residents is hardly a major metro area in the U.S.

This makes it more difficult for auto transporters to get into and out of Vermont because not only are there not a lot of people living there (which means fewer potential loads going out of Vermont) but few people move there, which means there aren’t a lot of loads going into Vermont. This can wreak havoc on prices and carrier availability into and out of Vermont, which will generally make for more expensive prices for you. It doesn’t help that only two interstates service the state, and both run north-south. The first, I-91, runs along most of Vermont’s eastern border through areas like Brattleboro and St. Johnsbury before heading into Canada. I-89 enters from the east in the middle of the state, servicing both Montpelier (the state capital) and Burlington (the largest city). They intersect near White River Junction.

Normally, states that have interstates running through their metro areas is a good thing, and while it helps in Vermont as well it’s not really all that helpful considering where the state is located. Much of Vermont is sparsely populated, as evidenced by its lack of major metropolitan areas, and this presents a problem for auto transporters trying to run routes in and out of Vermont. Another big problem is that there really aren’t a lot of people shipping in and out of Vermont at any given time; on the whole, it’s not a popular location for customers to ship in or out of, so it’s not going to be popular for carriers either. These factors all cause higher prices and longer wait times for transportation services to Vermont. Keep this in mind when it comes to transporting a vehicle and you’ll find that it’ll get moved eventually. If you know you have to get transportation services to Vermont by a specific date, give yourself more than the standard week – book two or three weeks before you need your vehicle picked up, as it may take that long to find a truck.

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