Auto Transport to UtahThe state of Utah currently is the 13th largest in the U.S. in terms of total area yet ranks juts 34th in total population and 41st in population density. This lack of people throughout the state actually makes Utah a bit harder to ship to or from, but it’s not really that surprising that everyone’s bunched up together – much of Utah is arid desert, with stretches of cold pine forests in the center and northeastern parts of the state. Over 80% of the state’s population is based along a small stretch of the Wasatch Range and is centered around Salt Lake City. The state itself sits at the convergence of the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin and the Colorado Plateau, which makes Utah one of the most geographically diverse and interesting states in the country despite all the brown.

As three of the state’s top five largest cities all sit within the same metropolitan area (known as the Wasatch Front), while the rest of the state is nigh uninhabited, transporting a vehicle to or from the state of Utah is not the easiest thing to do, particularly because Salt Lake City and its metro area sit really in the middle of nowhere – seriously, there’s really not much else around, which means long stretches from one major metro area to the other for auto transport carriers. This can lead to higher prices and lower carrier availability because shippers don’t really want to go into Utah if they can avoid it, and this is mainly the routes at this point. The main east-west interstate that heads into Utah is I-80, which can be a highly traveled interstate for car shipping but in the western states, not so much, particularly Utah and Nevada.

I-70 also runs into Utah, but it terminates at I-15 in the middle of nowhere, so unless your car transporter is going to be heading into Las Vegas or Idaho chances are that route is not going to be very heavily traveled. Then there’s I-84, a smaller interstate that runs from Salt Lake City northwest into Portland, Oregon, connecting the Salt Lake City metro area with the rest of the Pacific Northwest. I-84 is also not a popular car transport route as there are no major interstates connecting to it as it traverses northern Oregon into Idaho, so any carriers that commit to the route are basically stuck on that route until they get into Salt Lake. This makes it more difficult for shippers to plan routes properly and can lead to scheduling conflicts down the line. Make sure to give your shipper plenty of time to find a carrier for you and also make sure to understand that the prices in or out of Utah may be higher, particularly in the winter when the snows start coming.

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