Auto Transport to TexasThe state of Texas is the second-largest state in total area in the U.S. (after Alaska) and the second-most populated (after California). Texas currently has a population of over 26.1 million residents and is home to two of the top ten largest cities in the U.S. (Houston, which ranks fourth in the country and first in the state, as well as San Antonio, which ranks second in the state and seventh in the country). Originally controlled by Spain and then Mexico, Texas was an independent republic when it joined the U.S. as a state in 1846. Today Texas is a major producer of oil, which was discovered in the early 20th century, as well as cattle, an industry that the state has been steeped in for centuries – even before it was a state, even. For more about Texas, visit the state’s official website here.

 Texas, as one of the largest states in the Union and home to two of the top-ten largest cities in the country, is – on the whole – one of the easier states to get in and out of. Many people are shipping vehicles into and out of Texas every day, and on the whole they’re shipping to and from major metro areas, which is where the nationwide transporters like to stay as well. The fact that there are five major metro areas in the state along help the cause tremendously because prices into and out of Texas are generally lower per-mile than other routes, mainly because of the ease of access to Texas for auto transporters. Eastern Texas is generally more populated, with cities such as Dallas/Fort Worth in the northeast, San Antonio to the south, and Houston and Austin kind of in the southwest part of the state Western Texas will likely be more expensive to ship to or from as there are many smaller cities and the population is much more spread out.

I-10 and I-20 are the two most important east-west interstates in Texas, and while I-20 terminates along I-10 in western Texas it does run through areas like Midland, Odessa, Abilene, Fort Worth and Dallas. I-10 runs through the southern parts of the state, passing through San Antonio, Houston and Beaumont. Connecting these two interstates are a major north-south interstates, I-35, as well as two smaller interstates, I-37  and I-45. I-35 runs from Dallas up north to the Canadian border, passing through many of the Midwestern states along the way. I-45 connects Houston to Dallas while I-37 connects Corpus Christi with San Antonio. On the whole the state of Texas is one of the easiest to ship into and out of, and you can read more about it via the state’s official website.

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