Auto Transport to TennesseeThe state of Tennessee is located in the southeastern United States. Today the state ranks 17th among the fifty states in total population and 21st in population density despite only ranking 36th in terms of total area. Tennessee has, historically, benefited from the Mississippi River, which makes up its western border. Admitted to the Union in 1796 the state of Tennessee was the first U.S. state west of the Appalachian Mountains, which makes up much of Tennessee’s eastern geography. Tennessee’s growth and development was aided greatly by the discovery of the Cumberland Gap, a way into northeastern Tennessee that allowed many people to begin settling west of the Appalachian Mountains, which had been the border of the United States until the end of the American Revolution.

Tennessee has played an important part in the history and growth of the United States, so it’s not surprising that the infrastructure in Tennessee has been built and honed to make sure travel between the major cities is quick and easy. I-40 is the main east-west corridor through Tennessee, winding its way from Arkansas through Memphis, Jackson and Nashville before heading into western North Carolina. I-40 is a major east-west interstate for logistics companies including auto transporters, though through eastern Tennessee you may find prices are a bit higher due to the fact that much of the terrain is covered by mountains. Mountain passes are harder for shippers to traverse, particularly in the winter months, so if you’re moving east out of Tennessee you may see slightly higher wait times for pickup as well as higher prices due to the rougher geography.

In terms of north-south routes through Tennessee perhaps the easiest for shippers to utilize is I-65, as it runs through Nashville, the largest city in the state, and actually intersects I-40 there as well. Nashville is really one of the easiest cities to get in and out of because it’s located in the middle of the state and most major interstates that run through Tennessee make their way somehow through Nashville. This makes it really the transportation hub of the entire state, which generally means lower prices in and out of Nashville as well as quicker pickup times. For more about the state of Tennessee, you can visit this link here.

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