Auto Transport to South DakotaThe state of South Dakota today ranks 17th among the 50 states in total area, yet just 46th in both total population and population density. Originally part of the Dakota Territory that comprised present-day North and South Dakota as well as parts of Montana and Wyoming), South Dakota began to grow rapidly as promises of farmland and a simple, rustic lifestyle brought thousands to the territory following its creation. Gold was found in the Black Hills in 1874, prompting a massive gold rush to the area, which further helped it grow. However, agriculture gained a foothold after the gold rush began to wane, and today it is dominated primarily by food production as well as processing, with several major food processing facilities located throughout the state. Learn more about the state of South Dakota here.

South Dakota is one of the least popular auto transport locations, and there are companies that won’t even quote for shipments in or out of the state. Its rural makeup makes it a lot more difficult for auto transporters to break even on routes in or out of the state. Shippers running east-west routes typically will use I-90 to get through South Dakota, as I-90 is one of the most popular and heavily-used east-west interstates in the country. In South Dakota it passes through both Sioux Falls and Rapid City, two relatively large cities within the state – though not really all that major when compared to the big cities of the rest of the country. Sioux Falls is likely your best bet when it comes to shipping to or from South Dakota on a budget, as it also sits along I-29.

I-29 is a north-south interstate that originates south of South Dakota in Kansas City and runs north through some smaller areas before heading into Sioux Falls, then up north through smaller areas of South Dakota before passing through Fargo and Grand Forks in North Dakota and finally ending at the Canadian border. I-29 isn’t the most glamorous interstate but it does provide easier access to the state from the southern Midwest, which does help keep prices a bit lower. However, auto transportation services into and out of South Dakota are still relatively expensive per-mile than other areas, particularly during the winter months when the snows start falling and the storms make for some seriously bad conditions.

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