Auto Transport to Rhode IslandThe state of Rhode Island is the smallest state not just in the New England region but in the United States; ranking dead last in total area and 43rd in total population, its small size and population of just over one million rank it second in the nation in population density. The official name of the state is The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, though the state itself is not an island; the reason for this is that the official first settlement of Rhode Island was on Aquidneck Island, while Providence Plantations was the name of the first colony site in what is now the city (and state capital) of Providence. These two separate settlements eventually merged to become one, and thus the entire colony (and then state) of Rhode Island itself was born. Read more about Rhode Island by visiting the state’s website here.

The only primary interstate that runs through Rhode Island is Interstate 95, but as far as interstates going through your state goes I-95 is probably the one you’d want the most. As the busiest interstate east of the Mississippi River by usage, I-95’s route takes it from its terminus in the Miami metro area within southeastern Florida all the way up through the east coast states and into New England, where it passes through several states including Rhode Island before heading to the Canadian border north of Maine. It also helps that I-95 runs through some of the most densely populated regions of the U.S., including Philadelphia, New York City, Providence, and Boston. I-95 is easily one of the most important interstates not just for personal travel but also for auto transport services, especially those to Rhode Island.

I-95 within Rhode Island enters from the southwestern part of the state from southeastern Connecticut and then turns northeast and running into the Providence metropolitan area, which is home to 1.6 million residents – more than all of Rhode Island, thanks to it stretching into southern Massachusetts. Providence, being the third-largest city in all of New England, will likely be the cheapest city in Rhode Island to ship in or out of, though cities such as Warwick, Pawtucket and Cranston will likely be just as cheap because they sit in the heart of the Providence metro area. Of course, shipping into or out of New England is a bit more expensive than other areas due to the fact that it’s so far north, but Rhode Island doesn’t present the same challenges – or the distance – of shipping into, say, Vermont or Maine. This does make it easier when it comes to transporting into or out of the smallest state in the Union, though you should expect slightly higher prices and wait times for pickup because of its location nonetheless.

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