Auto Transport to PennsylvaniaThe Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as it is formally known, is the 33rd largest state in total area, yet with a population of over 12.7 million statewide it ranks 6th in total population and 9th in population density – important indicators in auto transport popularity for many cities and states. Pennsylvania was one of the founding thirteen colonies and played a major role in the formation of the U.S. government we know today. Many of the systems that we in the United States take for granted were first popularized in North America by the colony of Pennsylvania – for instance, Pennsylvania’s printing of paper money backed by gold and silver in the mid-17th century helped the colony to prosper greatly before the American Revolution. Home to many of our nation’s most respected and revered leaders and thinkers, Pennsylvania today is a popular auto transport location due to its larger cities and metro areas and its fair weather on the whole. Learn more about Pennsylvania here.

Because of the state’s size and population density, as well as its location, the state of Pennsylvania is not the most difficult state to ship to, though like all state some areas will be cheaper and easier to ship into or out of than others. There are quite a few number of metro areas in Pennsylvania that span the entire state, but aside from the northern reaches of Pennsylvania most areas of the state shouldn’t be too difficult for shippers to get in and out of. Typically you’ll be better off shipping from or to major metro areas, and Pennsylvania is chock full of those. The cities of Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh are the most populated cities in the state, respectively, and oddly enough are located on polar opposite sides of the state, Philadelphia to the east and Pittsburgh to the west. The state of Pennsylvania is bisected by the top of the Appalachian Mountain ranges, which effectively cut the state in half.

This can make it more difficult for shippers to get into and out of the interior part of the state, particularly when the weather gets colder and the snows start coming. Western Pennsylvania sees plenty of snowfall throughout the winter months, and as snow is a major deterrent for auto transporters you’ll likely find that prices in and out of Pennsylvania will be higher in the winter months, while at the same time carrier availability into and out of Pennsylvania will likely decrease while prices go up. You’ll likely find it’s a lot cheaper and easier to ship to or from the major areas like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, on the whole, because that’s where most of the people are centered and as such most likely where the most amount of loads are. Therefore, carriers prefer running only through major populated areas.

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