Auto Transport to OregonThe state of Oregon (pronounced “ore again”) is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Home to 3.9 million residents, Oregon currently ranks 27th in terms of total population and 39th in population density. Founded as a state in 1859, Oregon’s population is mainly centered within the Willamette Valley and has been for a long time. Eastern Oregon is dominated by semi-arid steppes and is largely uninhabited, whereas western Oregon, thanks mainly to the combined effects of the coastal mountains to the west and the Cascade Mountains to the east, is much easier and more forgiving in terms of the weather. This is perhaps why eight of the ten largest cities in the state of Oregon, including Portland, the largest in the state, are all located in western Oregon.

While the fact that most major cities in the state all sit within a relatively small valley would usually be a good thing when it comes to auto transport, the fact that Oregon sits in the Pacific Northwest actually makes it more difficult for carriers to get in and out of just about anywhere in Oregon. Usually shipping to or from major cities within Oregon will net you lower costs on the whole, but you also need to look at where the interstates are. Oregon only has two – one north-south, and one east-west interstate. I-5 is the main north-south interstate that runs from San Diego, California north through the Willamette Valley (where the major population centers of Oregon are located) and up into Washington State. As far as shipping into Oregon goes, routes that utilize I-5 will likely be cheaper than those coming from I-84, the main east-west interstate.

Interstate 84 is a less-popular interstate within Oregon mainly because it’s short and doesn’t connect to any major cities between Portland and Salt Lake City, Utah, which are its western and eastern termini, respectively. While this is a great interstate for the common driver to take advantage of, Portland to Salt Lake City is hardly a popular route, so auto shippers don’t really travel along it. The interior of the Pacific Northwest is sparsely inhabited, and I-84 runs right through it. It doesn’t connect to any other major interstates until it gets into Salt Lake City, really, which is where several other interstates converge. This in turn makes it more expensive for shipments that go along I-84 and you can expect to see longer pickup windows as well as higher prices if you’re shipping into or out of Oregon from the east. Read more about the state of Oregon here.

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