Oklahoma 1The state of Oklahoma is located in the southern part of the United States, sitting just north of Texas. It currently ranks as the 28th most populated state in the Union, as it is home to 3.8 million residents, though its state-wide population density ranks it 35th among the 50 states. Originally Oklahoma was designated as Indian Territory, as to give the Native Americans displaced during westward expansion a place they could call their own. Of course, in 1889 it was decided that Oklahoma was to be a new state, and a land rush was announced. In 1889, settlers from across the United States and the world gathered on the border of Oklahoma and Arkansas, waiting for their chances to rush into the newly-formed state to stake their claim to land. You can read more about Oklahoma via the state’s official website.

Auto shippers tend to stick to major interstates when transporting into and out of the various U.S. states, as the interstates are the easiest way to get around the country. Not only that but they also prefer to run routes into and out of major metropolitan areas and large cities that sit along those interstates, which makes states like Oklahoma a bit more expensive to ship in and out of. Oklahoma only has one major east-west interstate that runs through it, Interstate 40, and while I-40 is a major logistics corridor it’s not as popular for auto shippers, particularly in the western parts of the country. In Oklahoma I-40 connects Oklahoma City to northern Texas and eastern Arkansas, which helps the cause, but Oklahoma City isn’t the most popular of shipping locations for customers.

Going north-south through Oklahoma is decidedly easier, though still not as helpful as it is in other states when it comes to shipping vehicles in and out of the state. The main north-south interstate is I-35, which connects Oklahoma City to areas like Dallas and Kansas City, and I-35 does connect to other major interstates as well which does help the cause somewhat. However, it’s not the most popular of interstates and passes through areas that, on the whole, aren’t incredibly popular shipping locations, or else there’s easier ways to get in and out of them. When carriers build routes they look at freight that’s going out of where they’re at and where they’re wanting to go to, so more often than not the freight kind of dictates where they go. This can make it more expensive to ship in or out of Oklahoma, as many shippers don’t particularly like to run through the state due to its smaller metro areas.

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