Auto Transport to OhioThe state of Ohio currently ranks as the 34th largest state in the Union in terms of total area as well as the 7th most populated and the 10th most densely populated. It is a state steeped in history. Admitted to the Union in early 1803 the state was a major player in westward expansion and helped to fuel the transition from primarily an agricultural region to one of industry, with major cities such as Cleveland and Columbus emerging from small town obscurity to industrial powerhouse status by the mid-20th century. Ohio suffered during the deindustrialization of the 1970’s and 1980’s, though many major cities that were hit hard by the manufacturing loss are starting to rebound today.

Ohio played a major role in U.S. expansion west, and so it’s not surprising to see that it is well-represented in the Interstate Highway System. Due to the number of larger cities scattered throughout Ohio, a robust transportation network is important, which is why Ohio has no less than five major interstates running through it. There are several major east-west interstates, the two most prominent being I-70 and I-80. I-70 services the middle section of the state, particularly Columbus, the state capital, while I-80 runs along the northern border through cities such as Cleveland and Toledo. The fact that both east-west interstates connect to major cities both east and west of Ohio also help when it comes to auto transport in or out of the state.

Of the north-south interstates perhaps I-75 is the most traveled, as it runs from Tampa in the south up through cities such as Atlanta, Knoxville and Louisville before heading into Cincinnati and then up into Toledo. I-71 is a small but crucial interstate that connects Columbus with Cleveland to the northeast, while I-77 connects Cleveland, Akron and I-80 with cities and interstates directly south including Charleston, West Virginia and Charlotte, North Carolina. The routes available to shippers running in and out of Ohio are numerous, which helps when it comes to route planning and ultimately helps you save some time and money when you finally get around to getting your vehicle shipped. For more about Ohio, visit the state’s official website.

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