Auto Transport to North DakotaThe state of North Dakota currently ranks 19th in terms of total area, yet sits at 48th in the U.S. in terms of total population and 47th in terms of population density. Founded in 1889, North Dakota has seen fairly slow growth, primarily because of its geographic isolation and difficult-to-settle terrain. Part of the reason for North Dakota’s slow expansion is actually by design; with so much fertile farmland almost anywhere you go in the state, the area is perfect for harvesting wheat and other staple foods. The state legislature enacted laws protecting farmers and farmland from being re-zoned by big business, effectively halting urban development in favor of maintaining a rural demographic. Today, North Dakota has one of the strongest economies among the Midwestern states, primarily thanks to a minor oil boom around the Bakken Formation, where it is estimated that there are oil reserves enough to last another century at the least.

Because of its rural makeup, North Dakota is not the easiest state to transport vehicles to or from, mainly because with rural areas comes rural roads more often than not. There are only two major interstates in North Dakota and while both of them pass through some of the largest areas in the state, chances are it’s not going to help a whole lot with your prices into and out of North Dakota because there are so few shippers actually running routes into or out of the Dakotas. Of course, shipping to or from an area that sits along one of North Dakota’s interstates will likely help with carrier availability, so keep that in mind when you’re searching for quotes. The main east-west interstate is I-94, the northern-most east-west interstate in the country. North-south routes are serviced by I-29, which runs north from Kansas City up through eastern Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota before finally reaching the Canadian border.

Chances are Fargo will be the cheapest place in North Dakota to ship your vehicle to or from, as it’s the only city in the state to sit along both interstates – not only that but it’s the largest city in the state surrounded by the largest metro area as well. Auto shippers prefer to run routes through highly population metro areas that sit along busy interstate highways – North Dakota is pretty much the exact opposite of that entire description. With few people living there, few major routes through it and few people wanting to go to or from North Dakota in the first place, it really isn’t surprising that it’s one of the most expensive areas to ship vehicles to or from. Some auto transporters don’t even transport to or from North Dakota as they don’t know anyone who runs routes through it. Read more about North Dakota here.

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