Auto Transport to North CarolinaThe state of North Carolina is a U.S. state located in the Deep South region. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the east, Virginia to the north, Tennessee to the west and both South Carolina and Georgia to the south. With a population of over 9.7 million residents North Carolina ranks 10th in the U.S. in total population and 15th in population density. Unlike many of the states in the Deep South, North Carolina has a rather sophisticated infrastructure, with quite a few major metropolitan areas connected by a vast network of roads that include interstate highways, intrastate routes and surface roads.  This is not all that surprising, given the state’s history and heritage, which is seen quite plainly in cities such as Charlotte and Raleigh. Not only are those two cities the two fastest-growing metro areas in North Carolina, they’re some of the fastest growing in the entire country.

If you’re a fan of racing you probably know that North Carolina – Charlotte, in particular – is a hotbed of auto racing. Several major NASCAR teams are headquartered in the state, and many of the innovations in auto racing dating back to the early 20th century stemmed from bootleg races in North Carolina. Therefore it’s not entirely surprising that North Carolina has such a vast system of roads – people in North Carolina love to drive their cars. There are multiple routes into and out of the state including major interstates like I-40, I-77 and I-95, not to mention the numerous auxiliary interstates that weave in and around a lot of the metro areas in North Carolina. Because of the ease of access of North Carolina it’s an easier state for auto transporters to get around in, which generally means lower prices throughout the year, especially into and out of the major metro areas of North Carolina, particularly Charlotte, Raleigh and Greensboro.

When it comes to car shipping especially North Carolina makes it easy for shippers to get to and from where they need to go. Even if the routes they’re taking only take them through the state quickly, because of its infrastructure it allows access to almost every other part of the country – or at least ways to get to them. That’s a crucial factor in the auto transport industry that many people don’t really think about: how hard is it for an auto shipping carrier to get from and to your pickup and delivery locations? Rural areas are more expensive to ship to because shippers have a harder time going so far away from the interstates, and areas that are relatively isolated can be hard to find enough routes to make up for the money they spend to run it. Therefore, many states in the Union see much less vehicle transport traffic than others – luckily, North Carolina doesn’t have that problem, though chances are you’ll see higher prices and larger pickup windows if you’re shipping to a rural area, as North Carolina does have some extensive undeveloped areas and pockets of small communities that are hard to get to and from. For more about North Carolina, visit the state’s website here.

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