Auto Transport to New York StateThe state of New York is perhaps one of the most well-known and influential states in the Union, no doubt largely because it is the home of New York City. New York City is the largest city in the United States in terms of both total area and total population, and the city alone accounts for 40% of the state’s total population. Its metropolitan area, which spans four separate states, is home to 23 million residents, a good 4 million more than the entire state of New York. New York State is a popular auto transport destination, particularly New York City and western New York, which is home to three rather large cities along the coast of Lake Erie – Buffalo, Syracuse and Rochester.

New York is steeped in history, over 400 years of it, and because of this its transportation network is fairly developed despite much of the state’s northern and western regions being sparsely populated. The New York metro area is serviced primarily by I-95, a major north-south interstate, but when talking about New York State you might as well not include New York City in the discussion at all, because once you get just a few miles north of the city things change quickly. Gone are the tightly-packed buildings and in their place are verdant fields and forests – New York is a really beautiful state, but many simply group New York City in with the rest of it. If you’re shipping to New York City, you can simply say New York City, because it’s a much different beast than shipping to the rest of the state.

Transportation to or from the rest of New York State can be a bit more expensive and a bit more time consuming, as not as many shippers will run to upstate or western New York unless they get paid a bit more to do so. It’s beautiful terrain and while there are routes that connect most major cities together there aren’t a lot of major metro areas north of New York City. This lowers the popularity of many areas of New York State as there aren’t a lot of people moving to or from there – well, not shipping cars anyway, which is really what we’re focusing on here. You may be able to get better rates during the summer months, as the state is a bit more popular during the summer shipping season, and if you’re moving south to Florida for the winter you may be able to save some money on transport during the fall. Read more about New York State via the state’s official website.

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