Auto Transport to New MexicoThe state of New Mexico may be the fifth-largest state in the Union in terms of total area, but it ranks just 36th in total population and 43rd in population density. Once belonging to Spain, then Mexico, it was ceded to the U.S. in 1848 and when it was first given was much larger, encompassing almost all of modern-day Arizona and New Mexico, as well as small parts of California and Colorado. By 1866 the modern-day boundaries were set, but New Mexico would not see statehood until 1912 when it was admitted as the 47th state. Much of New Mexico’s slow growth is attributed to its harsh environment; the state is largely situated in arid desert terrain and thus is not hospitable in many areas.

There are two different east-west interstates in New Mexico that help when it comes to auto transport to or from the state. Perhaps the most prominent is I-10, the southern-most east-west interstate in the country and a popular route for many shippers running routes through the southern U.S. I-10 runs east-west into New Mexico from Arizona, then turns south near Las Cruces and heads into western Texas. This particular stretch of I-10 is generally more expensive to travel along because there are relatively few major metro areas between Phoenix, Arizona and San Antonio, Texas, though on the whole it’s an easier route for many transporters merely because it runs clear across the country. I-40 services Albuquerque, a bit further north, and like I-10 is a bit more expensive to run routes along in the western parts of the U.S. However, the fact that it runs through Albuquerque, a city with a population of over 555,000, does give auto shippers a bit more incentive to go there.

The main north-south interstate in New Mexico is I-25, a crucial interstate for transport through New Mexico and Colorado. I-25 is more commonly used by auto shippers to get around the Denver metro area, which sits a few hundred miles north of New Mexico, and while it may not connect a lot of major metro areas together it does provide access from I-10, which it originally branches off from near Las Cruces, up through Albuquerque and Santa Fe before heading into Colorado, then north through the most populated areas of the state before heading into Wyoming, servicing cities such as Cheyenne and Casper, before terminating at its junction with I-90 in northern Wyoming. I-25 is not that popular with auto shippers due to the small number of large cities it services, but it does keep prices lower as it does provide more options for auto transport drivers trying to get around the western U.S. as quickly and as efficiently as possible. You can learn more about New Mexico here.

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