Auto Transport to New JerseyThe state of New Jersey currently ranks as the fourth-smallest state in terms of total area yet ranks 11th for total population as well as 1st in population density. The entire state is covered by one of two metro areas, with northern and eastern New Jersey typically falling within the New York City metro area, while western and southern New Jersey are part of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Because of its location (pretty much smack in the middle of one of the most heavily-populated regions in the country) and its high population density, New Jersey is a frequent stop for auto shippers, particularly those that service the Philadelphia and New York metro areas. Many auto shippers that service the New York and Philadelphia metro areas will usually pickup or deliver in New Jersey, as it is generally easier to get in and out of than the major metro areas nearby.

New Jersey has several major interstates that run through it, as well as quite a few auxiliary interstates linking everything together. The state has a relatively strong infrastructure, all things considered, and this definitely makes it easier for auto transporters to get from one part of the state to another, particularly in the northeastern and western parts of the state. I-95 is a major north-south interstate that services every coastal state along the east coast – sixteen in all. I-95 doesn’t run through a lot of New Jersey, as it technically services eastern Pennsylvania, but because the Philadelphia metro area spills into western New Jersey it’s used by many auto shippers to get into the areas they’d need to get to for pickup and delivery.

There are several east-west interstates that also service New Jersey, including I-78 and I-80 in the north, but many areas of New Jersey outside of the two main metro areas surrounding New York and Philadelphia it’s a bit harder to get around. The eastern and southern coastal towns and cities are serviced only by state routes, which can make it more difficult (and more expensive) for auto shippers to get to and from those areas. Areas like Camden and Newark – which anchor the New Jersey side of Philadelphia and New York, respectively – will generally be much cheaper to ship to or from because of how large they are, how easy they are to get to and from, how many people are shipping there vs. shipping to the coasts, and how close they are to other population shipping locations. Read more about New Jersey here.

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