Auto Transport to New HampshireThe state of New Hampshire currently ranks 46th in the U.S. in terms of total area and 42nd in terms of total population; however, its population density ranks 21st in the nation, primarily because of the fact that it’s small and its population centers are all grouped close together in the southern parts of the state. Admitted to the Union in 1788, it was the first state to draft a state constitution and was the ninth (and therefore ratifying) signature to the U.S. Constitution. Though for years the state had been dependent on textile manufacturing, the industry’s collapse in the 1960’s led to a brief economic depression; however, because of high tourism among the state, many areas of New Hampshire were spared the worst of the deindustrialization as the economy rebounded and shifted to service and high-tech industries.

The largest city in the state of New Hampshire is Manchester, which is located in the southeastern parts of the state, maybe an hour or two north of Boston. The city is home to 110,000 residents, with a metro area of 402,000, which is roughly a third of the entire state’s population. The main interstate that goes up into Manchester is I-93, and really the main population centers all sit along I-93 which makes it easier for auto transporters to get in and out of the larger parts of the state. However, as it sits in the northern parts of New England it’s not all that popular a location for car shippers or for car shipping customers, as there’s not much else past Manchester or Concord, which sits a bit north of the former.

Another problem with transporting into and out of New Hampshire is the fact the state sees a lot of snowfall in the fall and winter months, and even during the spring in the higher elevations. This can cause serious problems with car shipping companies trying to move freight in and out of New Hampshire because auto shippers don’t want to run the risk of losing their truck (not to mention all the vehicles on it) to a patch of black ice. Therefore, many shippers will move toward warmer climes and warmer routes in the southern states, which decreases carrier availability into and out of New Hampshire. The cheapest time for auto transport to New Hampshire is likely in the summer and fall months before the snows start really falling, because auto transporters are more likely to head that way due to an increase in snowbird shippers. Read more about New Hampshire here.

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